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Welcome to this foretell resource created for users of international arbitration. At least through contribution of individual members of the community like you everyone is encouraged (subject to online and real-word ethical rules) to contribute and leave its record here. Do this before others do and take lead and control over topics important for you, your institution!


Code of behavoiur on Wikirules:

- Vandalism (deliberate text damage, positioning of extraneous information, moving off requisites, etc.) will not be tolerated and will always result in a block of varying severity depending on how major an admin judges the act to have been.

- Rudeness towards other users will result in a warning, and persistence will have to be met with punishment. Rudeness includes outrage, foul expressions, provoking disputes and demonstration of hostility, trolling, etc. Please, stay reasonable and adequate toward other users; do not show aggressiveness.

- Do not use strong language and follow established norms of language you are using.

- In case of an edit war, users are to discuss the issue between themselves either on the article's talk page or their own user talk pages. If a result cannot be agreed upon the incident may be mediated by another user, or eventually an admin if the dispute still fails to reach a resolution.

- Political views (particularly those of an extreme nature) should not be broadcast on this wiki, as it usually leads to continuous arguments that cannot be resolved. This position is applicable to religious, ethnical and different statements, which partake of discrimination.

- Advertisement positioning or outside content, which doesn’t concern topic of this resource (spam), is forbidden, also as “off topic” (statement, which doesn’t concern the main topic) and flood (duplication of comments or another elements, which already exist).