10 Ideas To Build Better Internet sites For You Or Your Customers - part 1

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1 - Easiest to guess: idea. A good idea is nearly hundreds of achievement. My mom learned about advertisers by browsing webpages. You're wrong if You think best graphics or best animations are the keys. People arrive at You because You have got the info they need or they seek. Think about it: build a still another site with the same content or build a site with a new content? Do not You would like to be first? Don't want to give anything new to prospective customers? Also don't You wish to make some cash to Your time and informations or products? Find Your niche and be the one-in it. Allow people arrive at You. 2 - First look - essential. I never get back and am out if I enter a website which has black colors. OK, I reunite as long as that site carries or promotes some sort of black film or horror books an such like. i like or seek out. But black background is not good idea for ordinary sites. Simply because they pushes down people does not want to examine black web sites. For another viewpoint, people may view at: worth reading. People want to take a look at web sites with cool colors but not extreme to them. Browse here at website to compare the meaning behind this enterprise. 3 - Animations - worsen or-not? Yes. Another important component. I love sites with flash animations but not too intense and not entirely screen mode covering the others of site. I favor tiny amount of animations. They must be small and integral areas of site. Also they must possess a 'skip' key to pass intro and arrive at proper site. Identify further on our favorite related portfolio - Click here: 3d building animation. Obviously animations might be large but only if they have some pictures of products You sell or promote. Interactive listing is good but flying dog chasing motocat is not good if You don't offer dog accessories.. 4 - Navigation - where's my hotel? People don't want search for whatever else they looking for. Where is navigation bar? Where's site-map? Where is the greatest window solution I am trying to find? How do I get it? Hello?! Damn.. and never get back to You. The answer for that is simple: give him/her a search-box, FAQ, instructions 'how to get', 'how to buy', 'how to locate' etc. Think the consumers do not need to think about what, wherever, how etc. and You've to offer them a remedy for their hands. Perhaps this can be rude to say: 'every one are idiots' but that's a fact: they are lazy and don't want to search more they are have to.. 5 - Functionality - how big is a cart? Every site should be practical. A few links and no FAQ? I am out. Be Your first customer that's entering Your site. What do You see? Do You know anything what, where, how? What would You do if wagon is full? What if You did not find what You searching for? Is there a wishlist? Or mail-contact? Or on the web service? Consider it. Maybe You find there are numerous things to change, probably not. Be considered a Your-site.com beta tester to-day in order to avoid mistakes and build better functionality.

1-0 Tips To Create Better Internet sites For You Or Your Visitors - part 1