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1. The Arbitral Tribunal shall consult the Parties at the earliest appropriate time in the proceedings and invite them to consult each other with a view to agreeing on an efficient, economical and fair process for the taking of evidence.

2. The consultation on evidentiary issues may address the scope, timing and manner of the taking of evidence, including:
(a) the preparation and submission of Witness Statements and Expert Reports;
(b) the taking of oral testimony at any Evidentiary Hearing;
(c) the requirements, procedure and format applicable to the production of Documents;
(d) the level of confidentiality protection to be afforded to evidence in the arbitration; and
(e) the promotion of efficiency, economy and conservation of resources in connection with the taking of evidence.

3. The Arbitral Tribunal is encouraged to identify to the Parties, as soon as it considers it to be appropriate, any issues:
(a) that the Arbitral Tribunal may regard as relevant to the case and material to its outcome; and/or
(b) for which a preliminary determination may be appropriate.

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