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General Assembly resolution 65/22
UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules as revised in 2010

Section I. Introductory rules

Scope of application (article 1)

Notice and calculation of periods of time (article 2)

Notice of arbitration (article 3)

Response to the notice of arbitration (article 4)

Representation and assistance (article 5)

Designating and appointing authorities (article 6)

Section II. Composition of the arbitral tribunal

Number of arbitrators (article 7)

Appointment of arbitrators (article 8)

Appointment of arbitrators (article 9)

Appointment of arbitrators (article 10)

Disclosures by and challenge of arbitrators (article 11)

Disclosures by and challenge of arbitrators (article 12)

Disclosures by and challenge of arbitrators (article 13)

Replacement of an arbitrator (article 14)

Repetition of hearings in the event of the replacement of an arbitrator (article 15)

Exclusion of liability (article 16)

Section III. Arbitral proceedings

General provisions (article 17)

Place of arbitration (article 18)

Language (article 19)

Statement of claim (article 20)

Statement of defence (article 21)

Amendments to the claim or defence (article 22)

Pleas as to the jurisdiction of the arbitral tribunal (article 23)

Further written statements (article 24)

Periods of time (article 25)

Interim measures (article 26)

Evidence (article 27)

Hearings (article 28)

Experts appointed by the arbitral tribunal (article 29)

Default (article 30)

Closure of hearings (article 31)

Waiver of right to object (article 32)

Section IV. The award

Decisions (article 33)

Form and effect of the award (article 34)

Applicable law, amiable compositeur (article 35)

Settlement or other grounds for termination (article 36)

Interpretation of the award (article 37)

Correction of the award (article 38)

Additional award (article 39)

Definition of costs (article 40)

Fees and expenses of arbitrators (article 41)

Allocation of costs (article 42)

Deposit of costs (article 43)


Model arbitration clause for contracts

Possible waiver statement

Model statements of independence pursuant to article 11 of the Rules